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Mooevo was born in 2018 to develop innovative solutions that improve mobility problems in its immediate environment, applying its knowledge of electrical and mechanical technology, with the aim of achieving a cleaner, more supportive and sustainable world.

As a result of this enthusiasm and energy, Mooevo is today an engineering company that designs and develops disruptive and exclusive solutions for the sustainable mobility of people and for transport.

From a technological and engineering perspective, Mooevo always seeks product developments based on the advantages of energy innovation, as well as adapted solutions, in order to contribute to the development of mobility and to be able to transfer these innovations to other areas of powerful development, such as delivery and industrial logistics.

At Mooevo we want to help expand the limits of people, both socially and professionally. Our focus is people: helping and improving the mobility of all, optimizing performance in companies, and making the society of the future better.

Ingenious engineering for open minds!





Mooevo Go was born with a strong social character. The project began 2 years ago when Jose, a good friend and father to Joselete, a boy with cerebral palsy, explained us the mobility challenges he faced with his teenage son who is wheelchair bound.

Jose was looking for a simple and effective solution as he also suffered from a hip problem and it was impossible for him to push the wheelchair, limiting family outings and his son's social life.

As friends, and as engineers, we started to think and we found Mooevo Go: a true double electric solution that transports and transports you at the same time.

With the same double electric solution system that transports and transports you effortlessly, the Mooevo Cargo range will have its scope of action in the area of efficient delivery and last-mile distribution. The Mooevo Pro business line will be applied to the industrial and logistics sector.


Mooevo Go - Expanding Limits


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